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Electronic library: a library equipped with a search engine that allows you to search using several axes, which are: book name, book number, classification, year of publication, publishing house, author name and book language. From 150 physical therapy books in PDF format distributed in 11 categories: 14 anatomy and evaluation, 13 biomechanics, 19 therapeutic exercises, 8 sports injuries, 5 children, 13 orthopedics, 15 nerves, 23 manual therapy, 3 electrotherapy, 15 heart and released, 38 more

Stores: It is a section dedicated to companies and marketers who offer devices and equipment for the processing of physiotherapy centers, where companies display a list of their products on the site so that our valued visitors can view all that is new.

Tests: This section includes a set of real tests documented by the source (the name of the test represents the name of the book the source of the questions), each test is 25 different questions equipped with a 30-minute timer with the feature of displaying the result and the correct and wrong answers at the end of the test and in strict confidence.

Blog: In our blog we will discuss new and recent topics in the field of physical therapy, as the blog consists of three basic categories (bones, nerves, sports injuries) and other titles are addressed under the category (Uncategorized).

Videos: In this section we collect many foundational and training videos in the field of physical therapy arranged in categories, all of which are indicated by the source.

Opportunities: We present here scholarships, fellowships and job opportunities available.

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