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Do you work for a fitness or physical therapy office? For service providers Physiopedia offers the opportunity to involve their staff in this knowledge creation process as part of the service development process.

This guide explains how Physiopedia can be used for service development in healthcare organizations and also outlines ideas for how practitioners can incorporate Physiopedia into their continuing education and professional development.

Physiopedia’s Reach

Everything you do in Physiopedia will not go unnoticed. Physiopedia is the world’s largest physiotherapy and physical therapy company (data from similar web 1 Feb 2022):

  • #1 rehabilitation website
  • #34 health and medicine website

We reach out to the global community and current statistics show that we have:

  • over 7 million page visits per month;
    • from around 3 million individuals;
    • from every country in the world.
  • After this we have contact with more than 200000 people through social media.
Wikipedia on Gymnastics Club

Physiopedia is a wiki. A wiki is a website that allows users to easily edit and contribute to that site. Wikis are especially suited for collaborative group documentation and websites. The most popular example of a wiki is Wikipedia, the most extensive online encyclopaedia that allows anyone to add and edit his or her entries.

Wikis for Service Development

The nature of a wiki means that it offers a number of service and professional development benefits:

  • Wikis are great for personal or collaborative projects.
  • Wikis can be edited and notes published without knowledge of basic web development tools.
  • A wiki allows you to trace the development history of a book revealing who contributed what and when.
  • A wiki will never disappear let alone the effort put into adding content that can be constantly updated and constantly referenced.

Physiopedia in Personnel and Service Development

As a wiki Physiopedia offers physiotherapy clinics and departments the opportunity to involve their staff in creating these global resources as part of service and professional development.

Physical education and physiotherapy clinics and departments can take advantage of this opportunity to help:

  • In-service training. A team of staff can be tasked with developing a new Physiopedia article before presenting it to the rest of the department or clinic. An example of this activity could be the development of treatment plans for patient guidelines and case studies.
  • Employee Development. Staff participation in creating, reviewing and updating Physiopedia content is an excellent activity for developing clinical skills. It will also help develop skills in critical assessment and writing of reflective web use.
  • Staff can add case studies as part of the peer review. Once added to Physiopedia, they can be viewed and studied by all.
  • A personal portfolio can be created from the profile page. The flexibility of the wiki allows individuals to be very creative in their personal portfolio creation and also allows for very flexible portfolio guidance.
  • Journal clubs can participate in Physiospot, Physiopedia’s partner site. Articles can be reviewed by staff and thoughts added to the comments section associated with each article. Comments can then be discussed in an in-person meeting or online with others outside the service.
Why Get Involved?
  • Become a leader in service and staff development by (with our full support) utilizing e-learning technology.
  • Know that you have been part of the growth of this valuable joint global effort.
  • Your healthcare plan will be permanently featured on our Partners Page.
  • An active partnership with Physiopedia will give you the opportunity to place free ads on your own Physiopedia profile page.
  • Encourage your employees to create an online presence on their own profile pages to market themselves and their work.
  • Employee participation in creating, reviewing and updating Physiopedia content is an excellent activity for continuing education and professional development.

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