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Old New PRICE to POLICE protocol

When dealing with acute musculoskeletal injuries, we have traditionally used the price (protective resting ice compression elevation) or rice (resting ice compression elevation) regimen.

The police protocol or principle is a modified version of the previously mentioned protocol that it stands for (protected optimal load ice compression and elevation). 1

Protection: Short-term weight-bearing activities and protection are required after acute injury, but prolonged weight-bearing is harmful and adversely affects soft tissue 1. Walking helps restore the strength and morphological characteristics of collagen fibers. overload Early stages can be detrimental. Whole body or isolated body part exercise produces changes in intrathoracic pressure and helps enhance hemodynamic and lymphatic function. 5
Optimal load: Defined as the load applied to the structure that maximizes maximum physiological fitness. Specific loading goals may include increased tensile strength, collagen reorganization, increased muscle-tendon unit stiffness, or neural reorganization, which passes through various cellular and Neural mechanisms that induce wide-ranging changes. 4
Ice: Promotes analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, especially in the setting of severe injuries and swelling Current available research shows conflicting effects 2. Not all icing models are equally effective (crushed ice is the fastest) as well as body parts Receive and hold temperatures are different (Muscles and joints cool much less than skin fat, have an insulating effect and limit deep tissue cooling) 5.
Compression and Elevation: Numerous studies have shown that when it provides support and confidence to patients, it improves their performance, we typically use compression bandages to apply pressure between 15 and 60 mmHg, while in other areas of healthcare, they Use compression to apply pressure The pressure is between 5 and 30 mmHg. Mild compression has inconsistent effects on makers of muscle damage and some makers of inflammation 5. Elevating body parts reduces the effect of gravity on it and the force of blood flow to it, which helps reduce hydrostatic pressure and improves Venus and lymph flow. 5

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