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1) physical therapist conducts a gait assessment and balance evaluation test on a patient. Which of the following findings obtained during the test demonstrates an abnormal gait pattern, requiring referral for further evaluation ?

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2) A physical therapist is manual muscle testing the left infraspinatus muscle of a patient who is suspected of rotator cuff disease. Which of the following positions best isolates the infraspinatus muscle to test strength ?

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3) Open-chain exercises or closed-chain exercises are usually part of the exercise prescription given to a patient who is referred for exercise therapy. Which of the following activities is classified as an openchain exercise ?

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4) Stretching exercises are exercises that improve a joint’s range of motion. Which of the following stretching exercises involve forceful, rapid, and intermittent stretches with high speed and high intensity ?

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5) Range-of-motion exercises are exercises that move a joint through the degree of its limitations. Which type of range-of-motion exercises involves movement of a joint done by the physical therapist or a mechanical device without any muscle contraction exerted by the patient ?

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6) Mechanical ventilators come in different types. Which of the following ventilators is the most responsive to patients who have a severe lung disease or require prolonged weaning ?

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7) A physical therapist is treating a patient with inability to extend the cervical spine more than 30% of its normal range due to central cervical pain at the C5-C6 level. The patient has been complaining of cervical pain for the past three days. A positional release is performed by thetherapist. Which of the following is the most appropriate method in opening the affected foramen ?

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8) A patient with pneumonia is managed by postural drainage, which allows removal of secretions from a specific lung segment through the aid of gravity. Physical examination suggests that the secretions are pooled in the lower lobes and anterior basal segments. Which of the following actions can effectively drain the secretions ?

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9) A female patient with a cervical disc disorder is ordered to have a cervical sliding device, a form of cervical traction. Which of the following demonstrates the correct technique of applying this type of traction ?

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10) A female patient with a chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is ordered to complete a course of therapy that consists of various modalities, including deep heat treatment. The patient is ordered to have a deep modality that involves application of high-radiofrequency electrical currents administered at 27 MHz. The patient is ordered which of the following modalities ?

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11) The major physiologic effect of traction in the lumbar spine is elongation. The optimum weight for lumbar traction to accomplish widening of lumbar interspaces is between :

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12) A female runner sustained a stress fracture involving the inferior aspect of the left femoral neck. A treatment regimen, including protection with the use of crutches, is prescribed. The physician orders non-weight bearing ambulation until relief of pain at rest is achieved. A physical therapist instructs the patient to walk with crutches using which of the following crutch gaits ?

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13) In the cervical spine, traction is used for elongation. With the cervical region of the spine flexed at 30- degrees, the most favorable weight to accomplish cervical separation is :

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14) Knee-ankle-foot orthothics or KAFOs consist of an ankle-foot orthosis with metal uprights, two thigh bands and a mechanical knee joint. KAFO is indicated to the following patients except :

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15) There are different of types of traction utilized in clinical practice. Which type of traction is used if the tractive force applied to the patient is provided by a motorized or hydraulic pulley system that comes with weights attached through sling devices ?

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16) Patients with heel spurs, Achilles’ tendon contracture, and hindfoot malalignment are managed by shoe modifications to provide support during gait and to reduce pain. Which of the following shoe modifications is the most likely considered for these patients ?

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17) A patient with chronic fatigue syndrome is indicated to have a myofascial release, a form of therapy that stretches the fascia. This therapy relieves the patient’s discomforts by which of the following mechanisms ?

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18) A physical therapist includes transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation application as one of the modalities of treatment for a patient complaining of pain after a spinal cord injury. The physical therapist is applying the TENS machine correctly by demonstrating which of the following actions ?

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19) A stroke physical therapy program aims to achieve normalization of muscle tone to encourage normal movements. Which of the following therapy modalities is correctly included in the program as an effective tone-reducing intervention ?

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20) A 20-year-old male complains of pain in the ball of the left foot, causing limited movements. On assessment, the patient’s second toe is bent upward from the left foot’s ball joint. Corns on the top of the involved toe are also noted. Which of the following is the most recommended footwear for a patient with claw toes ?

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