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The content of lymphedema workshop

1_ Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the lymphatic system
2_ Demonstration of Lymphnodes, Watersheds, Quadrants and Lymphatic Flow
3_ Patient Subjective Evaluation, Pertinent Objective Techniques and Demonstration
Basic and advanced techniques of MLD and CDT
4_ Treatment of primary and secondary lymphedema as well as related conditions
Demonstration of Lymphedema Massage techniques and applications
5_ Introduction to the treatment of pediatric lymphedema, head/neck and genital lymphedema
6_ Description of specific types of bandages and indications and contraindications
7_ Lymphedema bandaging techniques for upper and lower extremities
8_ Demonstration of Bandaging Supplies and Techniques for Chip Bags
9_ Understanding Compression Garments and Patient Education
10_ Decongestive exercises for lymphedema patients
11_ Measuring techniques for edema (volumetric and circumferential)
12_ Demonstration of Limb Measurement
13_ Measuring techniques for compression garments (with certification) – JUZO, Solaris
14_Home maintenance and self-treatment for lymphedema patients
15_ Hygienic skin and nail care for lymphedema
Indications and contraindications for MLD and CDT
16_ Course Test – Evaluate your knowledge

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