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Thrower’s Shoulder

Definition/Description Wilk et al describe the thrower’s dilemma by defining the thrower’s paradox: the thrower’s shoulder must be loose enough to allow excessive external rotation yet stable enough to prevent symptomatic subluxation of the humeral head, thus requiring a balance between flexibility strike a delicate balance between and functional stability. This balance is often compromised …

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Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Guidelines

Introduction Momentum for evidence-based healthcare is rapidly gaining momentum as clinicians and administrators express concerns about quality consistency and cost of healthcare interventions. The use of clinical guidelines based on standardized best practices has been shown to support Improving the quality and consistency of healthcare is considered one of the main ways to implement evidence-based …

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SLAP Lesion

Introduction Superior labral anterior-posterior (SLAP) tears are injuries to the glenoid labrum that are often confused with the sublabial groove on MRI. SLAP tears involve the superior labrum where the long head of the biceps tendon inserts. They may extend to tendons involving the glenohumeral ligament or to other quadrants of the labrum. Unlike Bankart …

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Stroke: Assessment

Introduction “Time is brain”, i.e. we should not waste any time on evaluation. Acute stroke is a medical emergency. Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability, and patient outcomes depend on how quickly blood flow is restored to damaged areas of the brain. The assessment of a stroke patient involves airway stabilization breathing …

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Rehabilitation Frameworks

Introduction Rehabilitation is a goal-directed process through patient-centered relationships with family rehabilitation providers and Community. Rehabilitation focuses on optimizing function and aims to promote independence and social integration. It includes prevention of injury/illness recurrence and/or secondary disease. The Rehabilitation Framework provides guidance to support clinician managers and planners in improving access to quality sustainable rehabilitation …

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Definition/Description Spondyloarthropathy is a group of distinct inflammatory arthritis with certain genetic predisposition factors and clinical features. This group mainly includes ankylosing spondylitis reactive arthritis (including Rett syndrome) psoriatic arthritis inflammatory bowel disease Disease-associated spondyloarthropathy and undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy. [1] [2] Level 5 The main pathological sites are the sacroiliac joints, the bony insertion of the …

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Insights into Rehabilitation in Sport

Insights into Rehabilitation in Sport

What is Rehabilitation in Sports? The World Health Organization defines rehabilitation as: “A set of interventions designed to optimize function and reduce disability in an individual with a medical condition as they interact with the environment.”[1] In sports, rehabilitation is often considered to be optimal recovery state Form (anatomy) and function (physiology). [2] Sports Rehabilitation …

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Inhalation Injury

Inhalation Injury

Introduction Inhalation injuries happen to be one of the most challenging injuries for burn caregivers. This is because it is one of the typical determinants of mortality that occurs after severe burns. Other determining factors are the age of injury and delay in recovery. [1] inhalation Injuries are lung injuries from inhalation of fumes or …

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